After-sales Service

Purchase TopDriver power supply to enjoy standard after-sales service within the warranty period, which is mainly handled by repair/renewal. The relevant service during the warranty period is limited to the product body and product accessories of TopDriver power supply, and does not bear derivative responsibilities (including Direct and indirect)

Please read the following precautions carefully:

1. The power supply is a professional electronic product. Customers should purchase a small amount of samples and confirm the compatibility of the power supply with the system/load before proceeding to mass production.

2. If the client finds any product abnormalities in the different stages of IQC (Incoming Quality Control), final inspection FQC (Final Quality Control), and SQC (System Quality Control), please contact the original business as soon as possible. If the analysis result of Topdriver Power Supply can be confirmed to be the fault of the power supply product, the customer may negotiate with the original business for repair/return/refund and other methods.

3. If the company needs to provide services other than standard maintenance and renewal or bear derivative responsibilities, the price needs to be negotiated before the transaction, and the product price will be increased according to the customer's needs/service content/level of responsibility, and the corresponding contract must be signed the service contract.

If the client finds that the product is abnormal, it can contact the original business with a receipt or purchase certificate within 30 days to refund or return the product; if it exceeds 30 days, Topdriver Power will provide maintenance services within the warranty period. If you need to know about the refund, please contact the original business.

The repair service is sent to Topdriver Power by the client, and Topdriver Power will complete the repair and return it to the customer within 7 days. If the product exceeds the warranty period, it will be charged according to the repair situation.